Bastion of Potes and of the whole region of Liébana, the Tower of Infantado is a medieval building that stands at the confluence of the rivers Deva and Quiviesa.


Open to the public after its inauguration on March 19th 2011 after a long process of restoration, the Tower of Infantado welcomes thousands of visitors in its 1,800 m2, distributed over 6 floors. Its rooms are arranged around a central courtyard. The theme deals with the life and work of Beato de Liébana, abbot of Liébana, first Cantabrian writer and therefore Spanish. Noble woods, steel and large glazed spaces take over the interior spaces and provide light for a masterly medieval recreation that is combined with state-of-the-art luminaries.


This regal building, which has so much history, can be accessed by means of a long staircase and through a door with a pointed arch. Having belonged to the Duke and Duchess of Infantado, it has also been used as a prison and later as a Town Hall.


Today it permanently houses the exhibition “Beatus of Liébana and his Beatos”, the most complete facsimile collection in the world of the codex known as “Beatus”. The visit culminates with a magnificent and exultant view from the crenellated view point towards the town of Potes, the Viorna mountain, the site of the monastery of Santo Toribio and the backdrop of the Picos de Europa. The Tower also houses temporary exhibitions in its basement.

Information and Reservations: 942 37 74 59

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