Conditions of the visits

For security reasons due to COVID-19:

  • The responsible use of masks is recommended in closed spaces for public use. Visitors have their own protective equipment. 

  • In order to avoid crowds and to encourage staggered access for visitors, please plan your visit well in advance, acquiring the advance ticket online. Once purchased, the date and time of the visit cannot be modified. Money will not be refunded

  • For reservations by phone, the payment is executed, as far as possible, by credit card. On the day of the visit, the reservation must be formalized at the box office, 5 minutes before the start of the visit. Otherwise you will lose the right to reserve.

  • It does not allow reservations or online purchases on the day

  • In order to favor the staggered access of visitors to the center, you must go 10 minutes before the start of the visit

  • The online purchase or the reservation, like the purchase on the day, must be formalized at the box office, wait in line on a first-come, first-served basis, and keep the interpersonal security distance in force at the established points. 

  • On the day you can only get the ticket at the box office, in case of availability and in order of arrival. Please check the availability of the center before going, if you do not have an entrance.  

  • There is a maximum capacity of 20 people inside the Romanesque church

  • You must maintain an interpersonal safety distance of 1,5 meters at all times. 

  • Respect at all times the indications of the staff and the signs of the center in matters of conservation and hygiene of obligatory compliance. 

  • During your stay in the facilities of the center and during the visit, please do not touch the surfaces

  • Maintain correct hand hygiene at all times. Hydroalcoholic gel dispensers are available at the information desks. 

  • The Center is adapted for people with reduced mobility.


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